Aged 2 - 5

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The sooner they start the faster they learn!


At this age, toddlers learn best by being immersed in the language, and imitating their teachers and friends through playgroups. They have such a great time playing games, singing songs and making crafts, they don’t realize they’re learning one of the most important languages in the world!


Toddlers deserve not only a teacher, but an educator, entertainer and carer. Hence, all our Playgroup teachers are well prepared to fulfil all these needs! We only have native, qualified, experienced and well-trained teachers to achieve the best results


Our School has a dedicated Playgroup room to meet the special needs of the little ones. All the walls speak Spanish! Our little learners have so much fun decorating them by themselves! We even have a whole blackboard wall to enhance their creativity! Parents can stay in the class during the first sessions if it means children feel more confident. Additionally, our classrooms have a door with a glass window so parents can see what is going on at any moment. We have a special foam floor and furniture without edges to ensure maximum safety, and our windows have a special glass protector to avoid accidents. The room is also cleaned regularly to ensure its cleanliness.


Our playgroups run throughout the year and are priced per month. Prices are based on the number of hours per week, please refer to the table below

hours/week monthly
1 HK$1200
2 HK$2400
3 HK$3600
4 HK$4800
5 HK$6000
1 hours
Class Size
2 - 7

Private Classes

Can't make it on these dates or time? Need a more flexible schedule? Don't worry! We also offer private classes at an affordable rate. Call us or follow the Private Classes page for more details.
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How to enrol

Places are limited and are allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can enroll by:

  • Call us on +852 6899 5497
  • Email us at info@thespanishacademy.hk
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