Spanish for Travellers

Aged 18+

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Are you planning to travel to a Spanish speaking country? Get ready for your trip with us!


What a better excuse to learn a language than having a trip in mind! Our course is taught by and for travellers.

Hispanic countries have a very interesting and unique lifestyle and the majority of Spanish speakers do not speak other languages. Learning Spanish language, cultural differences and travelling tips will enhance your experience!

Our Spanish courses for adults build up your confidence in Spanish no matter what your goal is.


We use the Communicative approach to make our lessons efficient, fun and motivating!

This course focuses on interacting with locals and role-play scenarios. You will learn how to face common situations such as ordering food asking for directions or buying bus and train tickets

All our teachers are highly qualified and have many years of experience teaching students. They also love teaching and meeting new people and provide a very friendly atmosphere..

Our teaching approach will let you reach your goals in a fast and efficient way, meaning you will be ready for your trip in no time!

20 hours
Class Size
2 - 7

Private Classes

Can't make it on these dates or time? Need a more flexible schedule? Don't worry! We also offer private classes at an affordable rate. Call us or follow the Private Classes page for more details.
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