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We have different courses for different age groups. Find the one that is right for you.

Sprouts (Aged 2 - 5)

At this age, toddlers learn best by being immersed in the language, imitating our teachers and each other through playgroups. They’ll be having such a great time playing games, singing songs and making crafts, they won’t realize they’re learning one of the most important languages in the world!

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Explorers (Aged 6 - 9)

At this stage kids start to show interest in lecto-writing and in the most basic mathematical calculations. Now they are ready to follow their first manual. Taking this fact into consideration, our Spanish learning method includes songs, crafts and routines so that the kids can interact among them and with their teachers, always under a linguistic perspective.

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Pioneers (Aged 10 - 14)

At this age their knowledge of the world is much bigger. Now they need new manuals that meet their new interests. They are not kids anymore and they’ll be preparing important exams soon. Let’s face it but keeping the fun side of the language.

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Scholars (Aged 15 - 18)

Do you need help in passing an exam for IGCSE or IB? Thinking about applying to an American university? Curious about the Spanish language and culture? We have many courses that help to build up your confidence in Spanish no matter what your goal is.

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Adults (Aged 18+)

Whether you’re a businessman wanting to advance your careers, an entrepreneur wanting to expand your idea, or a traveller wanting to explore more of the world, learning Spanish is a great skill to have. All our syllabus follows the European standards for language learning.

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