Our Story

Every dream has a start. This was ours.

Our History

Our founders - Jorge and David - first met whilst qualifying to be Spanish teachers. Both sharing a passion for travelling as well as teaching, they quickly become friends.

When David was on a skateboarding trip along the Camino de Santiago, Jorge hosted him in the Pyrenees. And when Jorge was travelling around the world, David hosted him in Hong Kong.

So after much filing of paperwork, Jorge and David finally launched The Spanish Academy on September, 2014!

Our Values

We believe language learning should be accompanied by learning about the culture, traditions, art, literature and lifestyle of the countries and people that speaks the language.

That’s why we try to immerse our students in as many events as possible. Most of all, it makes it fun for both our students and teachers, and when learning is enjoyable, students are able to progress extremely quickly.