Why us? - The Spanish Academy

Why Us

It’s not about teaching it’s about learning!

Our Style

In the Spanish academy we are all language lovers. All our team members went through the process of learning foreign languages. Hence, we know how hard can it be but also how gratifying it is!

Motivation and enthusiasm is a must while learning a language, and it is our job to boost yours!

That’s why we follow the most professional standards along with the most fun and efficient approach.

Teaching Approach

Our founders have tried several teaching methods on their previous experiences. And no doubt that the best one is the :  Communicative Language Teaching (CLT).

With this approach, learning language means   to communicate real meaning.

Students will learn all aspects of the language such as grammar, vocabulary and comprehension through a high interactive lessons

The CLT approach follows a few basic foundations:

  • Focuses on learning through interaction in the target language.

  • It only uses authentic texts for every learning situation.

  • It uses learner’s personal experiences as a supporting elements for the learning..

  • Some of the activities are: role-play, interviews, information gap tasks, opinion gap tasks,  games, language exchanges, surveys, and pair-work.

Our Experience

Both of our founders are professional teachers, travelers and language lovers.

They have different backgrounds such as business management and engineering. Hence, they have a very wide sight of how to teach language for different purposes.

As a Spanish school we have taught to people and organizations with different goals. We covered all ages and levels with amazing rates of success.

We have experience on a wide range of courses. A few examples are:

General Spanish

Spanish for Travelers

Spanish Playgroups

Spanish Exam preparation courses (IGCSE, IB, HKDSE, DELE…)

Spanish for Business

Spanish for Companies

And many more…