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Reasons to start learning Spanish

Spanish has become a very popular language within Asian people recently. It is a beautiful language, easy to speak it, and very useful both for business and for academic reasons. It is natively spoken by over 550 million people and the figures seem to indicate a constant increase in the number of Spanish speakers in the coming years. Recent studies have shown that over 20 million people are learning Spanish as a foreign language at the moment.

1. It is one of the easier languages to pick up.

First of all, learning Spanish is a lot easier than you may think because of the Roman alphabet.

Spanish pronunciation is really easy to pick up given that very few sounds require a bit of an effort. Ok, the double “R” may be tricky, however, vowels will always sound the same when they must be pronounced, so you should be able to start reading with confidence in a short time.

2. Spanish is the second most natively-spoken language.

Yes, that is right. Spanish is the second most commonly spoken language worldwide and is the official language of 21 countries. Regardless of the countless benefits of learning a new language, learning Spanish right now will make your traveling experience way different. Do not limit yourself to trying to be understood with English conversations. Instead, you should be practicing your Spanish and embrace new friends and experience communication in Spanish. At The Spanish Academy, we have native, qualified, experienced teachers from Spain and Latin-American countries such as Mexico, Venezuela, Uruguay…

3. Traveling will take on a different perspective and allow you to explore sights you may have never imagined.

You will be able to travel to new places and mingle with the locals. This will give you the chance to have more local experience and steer clear of the usual tourist arrangements. On top of that, learning some food-ordering basics will satisfy your cravings whenever you travel around Spain and Latin America. Jamon, paella, tapas, sangria… you name it, 🙂 Our courses for travelers will let you enjoy Spanish speaking countries beyond limits!

4. You will be able to communicate throughout 21 countries and speak to over 500 million native Spanish speakers.

Spanish is such a rich language with different vocabulary and grammar uses depending based on the country you are based on. That fact added to a slight lower English proficiency than average in some Spanish-speaking country makes the best excuse to start learning Spanish right now and connect with the locals.

5. You will be able to establish business relations and close deals with a large number of potential partners in Latin America and Spain.

Latin American countries are very important trading partners for Asian countries in such a globalised world. Getting to know some basic business Spanish will allow you to start dealing with new partners globally.

6. Spanish may be your gateway to learn other Latin languages

Many other languages (Portuguese, Italian, French…) will become accessible given that they are mutually intelligible. Once you have learnt some grammar basics and understood its language rules, learning a new Latin language will be a lot easier for you.

7. Access to new job opportunities.

A wide range of professional opportunities will become accessible after learning Spanish. Multilingual individuals are highly sought after by companies in Spanish-speaking countries given their expansion to new markets. Mastering Spanish, Mandarin, and English drastically increase your chances of being hired.

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