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Spanish Online Courses

Our top Spanish Online Courses will Boost your Spanish skills and confidence.


Learn & Move Playgroup

Spanish Online Courses - Girl Playgroup

Best Spanish Online Courses program for kids from 2 to 6 years old.

30 minutes Spanish online dynamic lessons combining movement, crafts and a lot of fun activities! All in Spanish!

Private Spanish Online Lessons

Online Spanish Lesson - Business Spanish

Flexible Spanish Online Lessons arrangement.

Tailor-made Spanish Online Courses. Ready to be taken anywhere, by the best Spanish tutors.


Conversation Lessons

Online Spanish Lesson - Adults group

Spanish up your lunch breaks with our online Spanish conversation lessons.

30 minutes sessions to improve speaking skills and Spanish fluency.

Online Beginner Groups

Spanish Online Courses - Adults beginners group

Efficient entry level formula for online Spanish enthusiasts.

Highly interactive online Spanish group lessons.

Learn & Move Playgroup

Schedule: 30 minutes/lesson.

Mondays to Fridays (2:30pm to 3pm & 5pm to 5:30pm)

Curriculum: Tailor-made

Fee: 1600 HKD/month

Group size: 3 to 15 students. 

Why move?

Little ones deserve the best Spanish Online Courses. We are bringing our playgroups Spanish Online Courses with an unrivalled learning experience.

Enjoy all month round Spanish activities to let your kids enjoy Spanish and boost their language confidence.

Monthly Syllabus

Develop language and motor skills in Spanish through story telling, songs, action games and many more engaging activities.
Engage in a new language from early stages to boost the learning of a new language.
Tailor-made activities following topics on a monthly basis. All curated by our professional qualified teachers.

Minimise screen time per lesson

30 minutes, that's it! We know your kids should avoid screen exposure while learning. And that is why we have come up with a perfect formula to minimise their daily screen time while learning a new language.

Consistent fun learning

We believe consistency is key to learning a new language. With our 5 days a week online Spanish monthly learning programme, your little ones will have the chance to build solid foundations in this new language.

Monthly certificate

Our teachers will provide certificate of attendance on a monthly basis.

Materials will be provided when needed.

Private Online Spanish Lessons

Spanish Online Courses - woman learning Spanish

SPECIAL PROMOTION: Finish your 10 hours package in 5 weeks and get 1 extra hour for free

Schedule: Flexible

Curriculum: Tailor-made

1 student: 3950 HKD/10 hours

2 students: 2700  HKD/10 hours per student

3+ students: 2150  HKD/10 hours per student

Tailor-made Spanish Online Courses with best teachers

The comfort of online Spanish learning and the satisfaction of learning a new language, blended together.

Private Spanish Online Courses for all ages and levels. Tailor-made materials provided to engage into the most suitable Spanish learning pace.

You may want to prepare for your next Spanish DELE exam at your own pace, or improve your speaking skills together with building up solid Spanish grammar foundations, or simply enjoy our Spanish lessons conducted by the best teachers.

Professional Native teachers

Enjoy the quality of Spanish teaching from our native Spanish qualified and experienced teachers. Anywhere, anytime.

Following the best resources used by our native, experienced and qualified Spanish teachers. Our dedicated team of Spanish tutors will provide the best materials to suit your specific learning needs.

Flexible time / Preferred arrangement

We arrange your Online Spanish lessons at your preferred time slots and days, as many Spanish lessons per week as you wish. You only need to tell us your needs and we will prepare your lessons accordingly.

Reach your full potential with our tailor-made Spanish lessons with the best qualified teachers. At your own pace, with all the support you may need.

Interactive Spanish lessons via Zoom couldn’t get any easier and rewarding for you.

Lunch Time Conversation Lessons

Schedule: Mon & Wed 12:00 - 12:30

Tue & Thus 12:00 - 12:30

Curriculum: Different topics by Opinion, Debates, Descriptions, Dialogues, News, Songs... 

Levels: From A2 to C1

Fee: HKD950 (10 lessons of 30 minutes)

Materials included.

Group size: 3 to 12 students. 

Spanish up your lunch breaks

Do you feel your Spanish got rusty? Are you not satisfied with your current Spanish courses? Do you miss speaking Spanish in class? This is your way to go!

We know how boring breaks can be. Stop browsing your social media endlessly and make your breaks matter. Spice up your breaks with engaging Spanish conversational lessons and enjoy interacting with other Spanish classmates online.

30 minutes Online Spanish Lessons to free your speech

Our qualified Spanish teachers will monitor your Spanish speaking fluency and precision through all the tailor-made activities in our conversational Spanish online courses.

Engaging topics and materials

All our Spanish Online Courses will cover different topics and will be presented with different formats. A well curated selection of formats to allow interactive and insightful Spanish conversational lessons. Feedback will be provided by our teachers after each lesson.
Debates, interviews, discussions, phone calls, presentations or informal situations are just a few examples.

100% speaking

We have prepared plenty of topics to improve your Spanish speaking fluency. Get ready to use start conversations in Spanish, participate in debates, talk about your past experiences, give your opinion on a wide variety of topics, commenting the news, practicing Spanish expressions…

Adapted to your level

We highly recommend these Online Spanish lessons to any student at A2 level or above who wants to improve their speaking skills.
Are you an A2 student? let's practise the past and future tenses!
Are you at B1 - B2 level? Let's get that subjunctive ready, make hypothesis in Spanish, use those Spanish conditionals…

Join us and get ready to walk the talk, in Spanish.

Online Beginner Groups

Schedule: 1 lesson per week, Mondays to Fridays (time slots TBC).

Curriculum: A1 level, divided in modules.

Level: A1.

Fee: HKD2250 (15 hours, 10 lessons of 1.5 hours)

Materials included.

Group size: 5 to 12 students. 

Your entry level Spanish Online Courses

Addressed to all beginners looking to start their Spanish journey. Start learning a new language in our newly launched online Spanish beginner groups. Learn your basic Spanish through interactive online lessons. Get to meet other students and practice Spanish anywhere.

Most efficient Spanish syllabus

Get to use your Spanish from day 1! Our commitment to communicative approach will boost your confidence from the very beginning.

Qualified and experienced teachers

Our team of qualified Spanish teachers are ready to teach you Spanish online anywhere you need. More than 1500 students have studied with us and lost their ¨beginners¨status!

Support 24/7

Get in touch with us for any further assistance you may need during your Online Spanish Courses.

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