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Our Business Classes are perfect to learn Spanish used by professional

adults business

Schedule: One lesson per week

Number of Lessons: 10 (2 hours per lesson)

Curriculum: Tailor-made

Class Size: 2-7 students

Fee: 3,800 HKD


It is a fact that Spanish is a major business language. It is already the second language in the USA and the second most important language in the world and continues to grow rapidly. More and more companies are now looking for people with Spanish language skills.

Our course covers all aspects of the language with a particular focus on business terminology and situations.


Our program for Business covers all levels of the language. No matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced student we got you covered! Hispanic culture has its own set of rules. So does Hispanic business etiquette. That’s why on top of specific language, we’ll teach you about the business culture as well.


Teachers who teach this course have business qualifications and experience If you want to learn Spanish in a business context, The Spanish Academy is perfect for you.

We use the Communicative approach to make our lessons efficient, fun and motivating!

From the very beginning expect our lessons to be highly interactive.

If you have taken Spanish lessons before but you are not sure what level you are in, you can take our Spanish Level Test and our teachers can assess your level based on your test results.

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