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First-hand stories about Spanish speaking countries, their culture, people, traditions, language, and food!


By Admin | Mar 29, 2019

STOP LEARNING SPANISH IN BIG GROUPS! 5 REASONS why you should learn Spanish in SMALL GROUPS (7 students max). So you have probably been wondering what the best way to learn Spanish may be. Also, you have probably been considering taking private classes or group classes. When it comes to…

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Reasons to start learning Spanish

7 Reasons to Start Learning Spanish

By Admin | Jan 24, 2019

Spanish has become a very popular language within Asian people recently. It is a beautiful language, easy to speak it, and very useful both for business and for academic reasons. It is natively spoken by over 550 million people and the figures seem to indicate a constant increase in the…

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Top Summer Destinations in Spain (Part 1)

By Admin | Apr 6, 2018

Summer is around the corner! We are glad to present some of the top summer destinations for Spanish travelers and learners. Ok! Here is a very tough pick for us. We could be presenting an endless list of beaches to visit this summer. Or we may also suggest the most enchanting…

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Best Tips for Your Spanish IB Preparation

By Admin | Mar 12, 2018

At The Spanish Academy, we understand your struggles when facing your Spanish IB. But you do not need to worry about your Spanish IB preparation. You just need to come to us and prepare your exams with the best teachers. They are all truly certified Spanish teachers and highly-qualified to…

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Learn Spanish with NO Difficulties

By Admin | Feb 20, 2018

People who learn Spanish have some common difficulties. Today we will discuss a few of them that drive some people mad but turns out to be a minor concern with a few tips. As mentioned in our last post on our blog, being one of the most spoken languages worldwide,…

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Top Reasons to Learn Spanish Right Now

By Admin | Feb 6, 2018

Hola, amigo/a*! We know you have heard these two words before, haven’t you? They come along anytime when you get to know new people or are introduced to acquaintances. This is likely going to be your passport to any conversation with Spanish speakers (*you will use “amigo” when addressing a…

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7 Weird Spanish Christmas Traditions

By Admin | Dec 22, 2017

In Spain, Christmas is one of the longest holidays of the year. Traditions in Spain are very special. Although a large number of traditions are celebrated throughout the Spanish territory, below we will showcase some of the local alternatives to Santa Claus, a very special way to do the countdown…

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Let’s Go Party at the Carnival in Cádiz!

By Admin | Jun 26, 2017

Cádiz is a seashore city in the Southern part of Spain. Carnival in Cádiz is one of the most famous and entertaining carnivals in Spain, which is well-known for its unique originality. Thousands of tourists would go there to join the carnival every year, and it is the most awaited…

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