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Embrace Summer Vibes: 30 Essential Spanish Summer Words

As the warm sun shines and the sound of laughter fills the air, it’s time to embrace the vibrant season of summer. Whether you’re planning a trip to a Spanish-speaking country or simply want to expand your language skills, this blog post presents you with a collection of 30 essential Spanish summer words. Immerse yourself in the language of summer, as we provide their translations in English and Cantonese. Explore the essence of this joyful season in three languages and enhance your linguistic repertoire.

VeranoSummer夏天 (Haat6 tin1)
SolSun太陽 (Taai3 joeng4)
PlayaBeach沙灘 (Saa1 taan1)
ArenaSand沙 (Saa1)
MarSea海 (Hoi2)
PiscinaPool游泳池 (Jau4 wing6 ci4)
VacacionesVacation假期 (Gaa3 kei4)
HeladoIce cream雪糕 (Syut3 gou1)
Gafas de solSunglasses太陽眼鏡 (Taai3 joeng4 ngaan5 geng2)
SombreroHat帽子 (Mou6 zi2)
BañadorSwimsuit泳衣 (Wing6 ji1)
SandaliasSandals涼鞋 (Loeng4 haai4)
PicnicPicnic野餐 (Je5 caan1)
ViajeTrip旅行 (Leoi5 hang4)
BarbecueBarbecue燒烤 (Siu1 haau1)
BrisaBreeze微風 (Mui4 fung1)
DescansoRest休息 (Jau1 sik1)
CálidoWarm暖和 (Nyuhn4 wo1)
PalmaPalm tree棕櫚樹 (Jung1 leoi4 syu6)
HamacaHammock吊床 (Diu3 coeng4)
NadarSwim游泳 (Jau4 wing6)
RefrescanteRefreshing清涼 (Cing1 loeng4)
FrutaFruit水果 (Seoi2 gwo2)
CervezaBeer啤酒 (Pai4 zau2)
ParrillaGrill烤架 (Haau1 gaa3)

Expand your language skills and immerse yourself in the essence of summer with this collection of 30 essential Spanish summer words. From the sun-drenched beaches to the refreshing treats, each word captures the spirit and joy of the season. Whether you’re planning a summer getaway or simply want to embrace the warmth of the season, these Spanish summer words will enrich your linguistic repertoire and allow you to express yourself with fluency and flair.

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