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We deliver tailor-made Spanish courses through our highly qualified teachers. The highest rate score (95% of our students get 7) in Hong Kong for IB Spanish cannot prove us wrong. Come get the best exam results with us!

IB SPANISH EXAM (Year 12 to 13)

Spanish is one of the subjects offered in the International Baccalaureate Diploma program for students aged around 16-19.

The weighting of the final grade of the exam is as follows:

Exam Parts IB Spanish Ab Initio IB Spanish Language B (SL & HL)
Reading (Receptive skills) 30% 25%
Writing (Productive skills) 25% 25%
Writing Assignment 20% 20%
Speaking (Interactive skills) 25% 30%

IB Spanish, as part of the language acquisition of the International Baccalaureate Diploma, is offered at 3 different levels in Hong Kong and across all the countries which offer it:

IB Spanish Ab Initio exam

is an entry-level exam, similar to IB Spanish B SL, with the only difference being that the student who prepares for the exam hasn’t had any exposure to the language in previous years.
An important focus is put on the intercultural understanding. The suggested number of hours for the preparation of the exam is of 150 hours.

IB Spanish B SL (Standard level) / HL (Higher level)

Both exams are taken by students who have already studied Spanish before and have passed their Spanish IGCSE exams. The depth of syllabus coverage is different, as well as the number of suggested hours to pass the exam. The extension of topics (communication and media, global issues, and social relationships) is larger compared to the Ab Initio version.
Another difficulty compared to the Ab Initio exam is the larger number of topics: there are two more topics added to the exam. Regarding the differences between SL and HL, the writing part is more demanding for the HL version since two works of literature are studied during the preparation for IB Spanish HL.


We usually receive inquiries from students some months before their exams. So we strongly suggest that you come to us for a free assessment so we can identify your needs and work on the right topics for better exam preparation.
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*prices for non-peak hours, Monday to Friday 4pm (price is per hour per student)

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