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Mastering the DELE A1 Speaking Test

Mastering the DELE A1 Speaking Test: A Comprehensive Guide

When preparing for the DELE A1 exam, one of the most crucial sections to focus on is the speaking test, also known as PRUEBA 4: EXPRESIÓN E INTERACCIÓN ORALES. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide to help you ace this component of the DELE A1.

Before preparing for the DELE exam, we always recommend the candidates to have finished the whole A1 level either in group classes or in private lessons with one of our Professional teachers

Overview of the DELE A1 Speaking Test

The DELE A1 speaking test is divided into three tasks:

  1. Task 1: Personal Presentation (1-2 minutes)
  2. Task 2: Discussion on a Given Topic (2-3 minutes)
  3. Task 3: Conversation with the Interviewer (3-4 minutes)

You will be given 10 minutes to prepare for the first two tasks before the test begins.

Task 1: Personal Presentation

The first task of the DELE A1 speaking test involves introducing yourself. You should be ready to share information such as your name, nationality, age, profession, personality, and languages you speak. Here’s how to excel in this task:

  • Prepare and Memorize: Create a well-structured personal introduction and have it reviewed by a teacher or a native speaker. Memorize this introduction to ensure a smooth delivery during the test. Hence, the key in this Task is to prepare it at home, a few weeks before the exam, so you do not have to waste any of the preparation time on Task 1 and you can use the entire 10 minutes for Task 2.

Task 2: Presentation on a Given Topic

In this task, you’ll be required to speak about a given topic, typically related to your life, for 2-3 minutes. In this task you are usually given 5 options and you have to talk about 3 of them.

Here’s a tip to master this task:

  • Utilize Your Preparation Time: Use the 10 minutes of preparation time to plan your discussion on the 3 chosen topics. Organize your thoughts, and think about the vocabulary and sentences you can use.
  • Before the exam you should have worked on some common topics such as your everyday life, your hobbies, your family and friends, your house, your school…
  • You should also master some simple connectors for A1 such as: y, pero, también…

Task 3: Conversation with the Interviewer

This part of the DELE A1 speaking test involves having a conversation with the examiner. This part cannot be prepared during the 10 minutes.

In this Task, the examiner will ask you questions about the topics chosen in Task 2. Therefore, it is a good idea to use part of the 10 minutes of preparation, to think of some possible questions your examiner may ask, and prepare them a bit.

Before the exam you should:

  • Language Immersion: Expose yourself to Spanish as much as possible. Listen to Spanish radio, watch Spanish TV shows, and practice conversing with Spanish speakers. This will familiarize you with various accents and the rhythm of the language.

General Success Tips for DELE A1 Speaking Test

  • Don’t Panic: If you find yourself at a loss for words or if you don’t understand something, don’t panic. Use phrases such as “¿Puedes repetir por favor?”, “¿Cómo dices?”, “No entiendo”, “¿Cómo?”, “¿Perdona?” to ask the examiner to repeat or clarify.
  • Consistent Practice: Practice as much as you can to build confidence and fluency. The more comfortable you are with speaking Spanish, the better you’ll perform in the test. Our teachers are Professional, Native, Experienced and Qualified, so they can help you boost your DELE results.


Mastering the DELE A1 speaking test requires understanding the structure of the test, diligent preparation, and consistent practice. Remember, the key to acing the speaking test is to communicate effectively and confidently in Spanish. Good luck with your DELE A1 exam preparation!

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