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Let your children absorb the Spanish language with their Right Brain through 3-5 minutes activities

Nursery children playing with teacher in the classroom

Our Right Brain program is the perfect way for kids to learn the Spanish language in a fast and fun way.

Following our class routine, we will guide children through all our amazing Themes and Topics pathway. They will not only learn Spanish but also how to work with their classmates, follow directions and routines, develop new skills and even their sensorial and psychomotor abilities.

The Spanish Academy team has created a program, from 6 months up to 5 years old, in which your kid can join at any time. Our age groups are:

Babies Group: 6 months - 18 months

Nursery Group: 18 months - 3 years

Kindergarten Group: 3 years - 5 years

ONE PARENT OR HELPER HAS TO BE IN THE CLASS.  They will also learn Spanish with no charge 😉


We designed best materials for our approach 

CLASS SIZE: 3 - 6 Kids 

Small groups make the learning process much faster

PACKAGE: 10 HOURS - HKD 3950 per student

CLASS DURATION: 60 minutes




The development of great photographic ability, remarkable visualization capabilities, and phenomenal creativity are all reliant on the right hemisphere of the brain. The right side of the brain is superior at expressive and creative tasks. As a result, for kid growth, we require a set of right brain activities, procedures, and approaches that boost the right lobe's brilliance.

Right brain education it is proven to accelerate the learning process for children aged 2 to 5.

When compared to the left brain, the right brain operates at a faster rate during this stage.

As a result, when the brain is exposed to large amounts of data at a quick rate, the right hemisphere of the brain is stimulated. You might be asking why it's so crucial to educate the right side of your brain.

The solution is straightforward. When used properly, the right brain strategy improves:

  • Memory and focus.
  • Grasping the reins of power
  • Skills in analysis
  • Imagination and creativity
  • Emotional intelligence
Preschooler enjoying playing with his airplane toy
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The following are just some examples of right brain activities:

  • Flashcards.
  • Music
  • Role Play
  • Dramatic storytelling
  • Drawing
  • Playing an instrument and singing
  • Playing games that require imagination,
  • Playing colorful and audible intelligence games


Toddlers deserve not only a teacher but an educator, entertainer, and carer. Hence, all our Playgroup teachers are well prepared to fulfill all these needs! We only have native, qualified, experienced and well-trained teachers to achieve the best results


Our School has a dedicated Playgroup room to meet the special needs of the little ones. All the walls speak Spanish! Our little learners have so much fun decorating them by themselves! We even have a whole blackboard wall to enhance their creativity!

Parents can stay in the class during the first sessions if it means children feel more confident. Additionally, our classrooms have a door with a glass window so parents can see what is going on at any moment. We have a special foam floor and furniture without edges to ensure maximum safety, and our windows have a special glass protector to avoid accidents. The room is also cleaned regularly to ensure its cleanliness.

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