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How to choose the best Spanish teacher

How to choose the best Spanish teacher

You already chose the best language so now you need to choose the best Spanish teacher!!

One of the most frequent question we get at The Spanish Academy (or I get as a teacher.) is:

how can I find the best Spanish teacher for myself?

I will cover the main points in detail and give my best advices:



It seems quite obvious but it is not. People think it does not matter weather to join a school offering many languages or only Spanish. But it does!

Languages schools, use the same kind of teaching approach, books and materials for all. Hence, no matter what language you are learning the teachers will focus on the same things. But every language has its own difficulties. Thus, Spanish Schools offer a much better designed curriculum and better prepared teachers.

2. Always Spanish teachers with qualifications and experience.

Even though being a native speaker is a must to teach a language, it is not enough.

I started teaching Spanish for foreigners long time ago without any qualification, course or diploma but I thought my classes were great, because my students were enjoying them.

Deciding to take a course on teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language was my best decision. I thought it would open many possibilities for me in the future around the world.

At that point I only did it to have a title in my hands rather than to learn how to teach.

This course changed completely my opinion. I realized how bad my previous language teachers were. Actually how bad my own Spanish lessons were too!

Being native does not mean understanding your language or your students’ needs.  Knowing the best approach and techniques does!

3. Nationality is not important!

I always get asked this question:

¿Is the Spanish from Spain the best one? ¿Should I learn Spanish from Mexico since it is the Hispanic country with more people?

¿Should my teacher be from Castilla where Spanish comes from?

And my answer is always the same: IT DOES NOT MATTER AT ALL.

That is true! It does not matter! The point of learning Spanish is to travel, to make friends, to make business…  from everywhere!

At the end of the day there are only a few differences like the accent and some vocab. 

We all understand each other, watch the same movies and shows, read the same books…

4. Choose a school or a Spanish teacher that offers FREE TRIAL

Always choose a school or qualified independent teacher that offers you a FREE TRIAL.

This is good for two super important reasons:

  • You will be able to try their approach, style and quality of teaching
  • They are confident on their quality since they are offering you a class for free.

At The Spanish Academy we always believed in our quality and high standards so we have been offering FREE TRIAL since we opened 7 years ago!

5. Better a Spanish school whose directors are teachers

This is one of the key points if you decide to join a school for your Spanish learning.

Director that are teachers usually design the courses to optimize your learning experience and not to get your money!

6. Choose a Spanish teacher who makes you laugh

This seems a stupid advise, but believe me, it is probably the most important one!!!

Having a good connection with your teacher is a must!

if you do not find the lessons funny or motivating you will give up this amazing and beautiful language! MOTIVATION IS THE KEY!

Here you can find some tips on how to keep your motivation on! Read here

I hope all these tips are useful.

At The Spanish Academy all our teachers are native, experienced and qualified. And we love teaching with our super interactive approach!

funny Spanish lesson
Interactive lesson at The Spanish Academy


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