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First-hand stories about Spanish speaking countries, their culture, people, traditions, language, and food!

Learn How to Argue in Spanish

By Admin | Feb 19, 2020

This article is not intended for you to pick a fight or start an argument with a native Spanish speaker just because. But rather, to present words and phrases so you can be familiarized and learn how to enjoy a good healthy debate in Spanish. Like in any debate or…

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Why online Spanish lessons with us.

Why you should take online Spanish lessons with us.

By Admin | Feb 12, 2020

Switching to learning Spanish online is now easier than ever with our online Spanish lessons. Our native and qualified Spanish teachers are ready to teach you anytime, anywhere.

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By Admin | Jan 17, 2020

Chinese New Year is certainly a culinary experience for both locals and foreigners in Hong Kong. It is not only about enjoying the food but also about getting good luck and fortune in the coming year. 🎆🎆🎆🎆 ABOUT THIS POST 🎆🎆🎆🎆 Do you celebrate CNY? In this post you will…

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8 Famous Hispanic New Year’s Eve Traditions and Superstitions

By Admin | Dec 31, 2019

Countries around the world have their own traditions and superstitions when celebrating the New Year and these vary immensely. Hispanic countries, on the other hand, share almost the same New Year’s Eve traditions and superstitions. Here are 8 of those famous traditions and superstitions: 1) Eating 12 Grapes At Midnight…

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origin of Nochebuena

The Origin of Nochebuena and Other Hispanic Holiday Traditions

By Admin | Dec 18, 2019

It’s that time of the year again when families get together to have huge feasts, listen to Christmas songs and carols, exchange gifts, and just be merry! But before we go diving into these delicious feasts and merriment, it would be good to know how other Hispanic cultures celebrate Christmas…

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Learn How to Flirt in Spanish with these Pick-Up Lines

By Admin | Oct 23, 2019

When traveling to Spain or any Spanish-speaking country, using a pick-up line, regardless of gender, is the best way to break the ice! It may or may not work, it may even sound cheesy and corny, but in the end, you’ll at least get a laugh out of it. And…

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Apps to improve Spanish

Top 5 Apps to Help Improve your Spanish Skills

By Admin | Oct 2, 2019

Learning Spanish doesn’t stop at The Spanish Academy, and consistent practice is just as important to help improve your Spanish skills. And the best resources to practice are already at your fingertips — your mobile phone (or tablet) nonetheless! Millions of apps are available for FREE download and amongst these…

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practice Spanish

Practice Your Spanish Skills with these 5 Tips

By Admin | Jul 11, 2019

So you finally took the first step and enrolled in a language school to learn Spanish. But we know that it doesn’t end there and like with any skill, practice makes perfect, and in this case, makes you fluent! Going to a Spanish class for a few hours each week…

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