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First-hand stories about Spanish speaking countries, their culture, people, traditions, language, and food!

Spanish phrases for travel

99 Useful Spanish Phrases that Every Traveler Should Know

By Admin | Jul 4, 2019

Traveling comes so easy these days! With all the cheap flights available, you can easily travel to the other side of the world. Gone were the days when you have to spend an arm and a leg for just a flight! However, booking a flight is, perhaps, the easiest to…

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Sanfermines: the most international Spanish “fiesta”

By Admin | Jun 14, 2019

Do you dare to run in front of the bulls? Scroll down to learn about this famous Spanish fiesta. When the “chupinazo“ explodes, Pamplona becomes an explosion of life. The crowds congregate in front of the Town Hall in order to witness the firing of a rocket, which marks the…

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what to eat in Spain

Eat Your Way Around Spain

By Admin | May 30, 2019

What to eat in Spain? Food is, perhaps, one of the best and most effective ways to learn about a country’s culture. Next to learning the local language, getting a taste of the local delicacies will definitely heighten your cultural experience! Besides, what’s traveling without food anyway? In this article,…

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why people study Spanish

5 Reasons Why People Study Spanish and Why You Should Too

By Admin | May 7, 2019

There’s more to the Spanish language than most people think of. To begin with, almost half a billion people in the world speak Spanish, making it the 2nd most spoken language! Not only that, there are 21 countries across Europe, Central and South America, and Africa that have Spanish as…

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GAME OF THRONES Spanish Locations

By Admin | Apr 11, 2019

GAME OF THRONES Spanish Locations We all know Spain has an amazing language and lifestyle. But did you know that there are a lot GAME OF THRONES Spanish Locations? Indeed, many of the famous TV series shots take place in Spain! Girona and Sevilla are some of the amazing places…

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By Admin | Mar 29, 2019

STOP LEARNING SPANISH IN BIG GROUPS! 5 REASONS why you should learn Spanish in SMALL GROUPS (7 students max). So you have probably been wondering what the best way to learn Spanish may be. Also, you have probably been considering taking private classes or group classes. When it comes to…

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Reasons to start learning Spanish

7 Reasons to Start Learning Spanish

By Admin | Jan 24, 2019

Spanish has become a very popular language within Asian people recently. It is a beautiful language, easy to speak it, and very useful both for business and for academic reasons. It is natively spoken by over 550 million people and the figures seem to indicate a constant increase in the…

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Top Summer Destinations in Spain (Part 1)

By Admin | Apr 6, 2018

Summer is around the corner! We are glad to present some of the top summer destinations for Spanish travelers and learners. Ok! Here is a very tough pick for us. We could be presenting an endless list of beaches to visit this summer. Or we may also suggest the most enchanting…

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