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You can find all sorts of Playgroups for infants and toddlers in Hong Kong Island.

From Wong Chuk hang to Wan Chai, we will introduce you our top 5 picks.

Preschoolers’ cognitive and motor skills develop fast in the first five years of life. Additionally, Your child needs a fun and engaging space to explore and learn. This way they will reach their full developmental potential.

With our top 5 Playgroups, your children will:

  • Meet new friends
  • Expand their knowledge of the world
  • Grow in their physical and social abilities
  • Improve their capacity for problem solving
  • and… all this while having so much fun!


1. Pasitos – Not only a Playgroup but also Spanish learning

Best Playgroups in Hong Kong Island - Pasitos Spanish Playgroup

Located in Wan Chai, Pasitos offers one of the most interesting playgroups in Hong Kong. Ages go from 2 to 5 years old.

Let your kids experience the world through the different sensorial activities, games and Right Brain Flashcards, while learning Spanish in a very efficient and fast way.

Your kids will also get a Spanish learning Certificate at the end of every module!

Firstly, the Pasitos Playgroup has three Characteristics that make them such a special playgroup:

  • Spanish – Yes, your kids will not only have fun and develop their physical and social abilities. They will also learn one of the most used languages world wide.
  • Right Brain Approach – These Playgroups use their Right Brain Approach to stimulate their analysis skills, Imagination and Creativity
  • Own Materials – Forget about improvised lessons, or using just coloring sheets and repeating same materials as the most of the centers. At Pasitos, they make their own materials including thousands of Flashcards, class sheets and games.

The teachers at Pasitos are all native Spanish speakers, which makes the difference. Moreover, their qualified and experienced teachers, keep training to improve the Right Brain Approach.

Pasitos, Suite701, Keen Hung Commercial Building, 80 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong, +852 6899 5497, info@thespanishacademy.hkwww.pasitos .hk

2. Baumhaus – Boost your child’s developmental achivements

Baumhaus Playground

BAUMHAUS Is A Hong Kong-Based Playgroup For Infants And Toddlers Between The Ages Of 0 And 4.

The German word for “tree house” is “” The tree symbolizes life, and the home, represents family. These are essential in fostering a nurturing environment for children to grow up.

The Baumhaus philosophy celebrates all your child’s developmental achievements. From their first steps to their participation in role play with their peers in pre-school.

They have treehouse where kids hang out and develop their social skills and sense of imagination. Physical and emotional stimulation, as well as endless entertainment, have their roots in the building.

Besides, there is a cafe in the Baumhaus playgroup where parents and carers may meet and talk. All teachers are early childhood experts. They know how to handle challenging situations with infants and toddlers and how to help parents succeed.

Baumhaus, 1/F,Kar Yau building, 36-44 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong, +852 2321 5898,

3. Little Genius House – Let them explore and discover new interests

Best Playgroups in Hong Kong Island - Girl learning gardening

As a fully bilingual (Mandarin & English) kids club, Little Genius House is for children at 12 months and older. Above all, Little Genius House offers various drop-off classes for kids between 2-9, and also offer their popular classes in a playgroup setting for kids between 12 months to 30 months, in either English or Mandarin.

Furthermore, on-site creative spaces such as a fully-equipped kitchen, outdoor garden, and high-tech digital room give children the opportunity to explore and discover new interests. A maximum student-teacher ratio of 4:1 ensures tailored instruction to foster each child’s development.

Little Genius House, RM 218, Hundsun International Centre, 44 Heung Yip Road, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong, +852 6936 1636,

4. Casita – great musical and physical exploration

Kids Learning at Casita

Your kids will certainly love the Casita playgroup’s three main features: musical and physical exploration, sensory exploration, and early childhood development. Through activities like dancing, playing instruments, and singing along to unique Zumbini tunes, children develop their motor abilities and musical ability in Music and Movement.

They engage in social interactions with other people via heuristic play, sensory exploration, and STEAM-related activities during free-form play. As part of Early Foundational Skills, kids get a head start in reading, writing, and arithmetic so they may thrive in preschool and beyond.

Casita, 2/F, Workington Tower, 78 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, +852 6291 0128,,

5. Les Petits Lascars – Cognitive, emotional and psychomotor development

Best Playgroups in Hong Kong Island - Kids painting

French-based international preschool Les Petits Lascars provides playgroup and infant gym instruction in French, English, and Mandarin. Children from 9 months to 24 months old may participate in the sessions, which promote healthy cognitive, emotional, social, and psychomotor development. Your kid will get to learn about the world around them via their five senses and participate in sensory and engaging learning activities in classrooms of no more than seven students.

Les Petits Lascars takes an individualized approach to education that prioritizes the health and happiness of each child and modifies its teaching methods accordingly. Teachers tailor lessons to each child and help them feel secure in their abilities so that they can make a seamless transition to preschool. They also have a wide variety of educational resources, such as motor skills equipment and outdoor play spaces. Recent renovations have taken place at both the Central and Tseung Kwan O campuses.

Les Petits Lascars, Central Campus: 3/F, Wellington Plaza, 56-58 Wellington Street, +852 2526 8666,

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