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This article is not intended for you to pick a fight or start an argument with a native Spanish speaker just because. But rather, to present words and phrases so you can be familiarized and learn how to enjoy a good healthy debate in Spanish.

Like in any debate or argument, you start with an opening statement. In this case, you can either start with:

  • En primer lugar (in the first place) or 
  • Para empezar (to begin with)

Followed with any of these Spanish transitional words:

Now, to argue against the opposing idea, you can use “pero” (but) and/or “sin embargo” (however/nonetheless/nevertheless).

As for your closing statement, you can start with these words:

  • Por último (Ultimately)
  • Para terminar (To end)
  • En conclusión (In conclusion)

When having a healthy debate or argument with a native Spanish speaker, it’s still important to be tactful and polite and know when to get emotional or angry. And if you’re just starting to learn the language, avoid thinking too much because overthinking your argument when speaking Spanish just doesn’t work. Overthinking would just slow down your thought process, so better to just let the words flow.

Here are a few phrases that you can learn and use:


tenemos que hablar

lo siento

me arrepiento de haberlo dicho

¿me perdonas, por favor?

ponerse de acuerdo

¿entiendes lo que te digo?

mira, nunca nos vamos a poner de acuerdo en esto

¡no puedo creer que pienses eso!

no son modos de comportarse

¿te puedes tranquilizar, por favor?

¿es que no podemos hablar de esto como adultos?


we need to talk

I’m sorry

I regret saying it

will you forgive me, please?

to come to an agreement

do you understand what I’m saying?

look, we’re never going to agree on this

I can’t believe you think that!

that’s no way to behave

can you just calm down, please?

can’t we talk about this like grown-ups?

Now that you’ve learned the basics of arguing in Spanish, here are a few swear words to add to your vocabulary just in case you stumble upon a native Spanish speaker and get a few laughs out of it. These definitely add up to the whole cultural experience!

  • ¡Qué Cabrón! (What a bastard)
  • Mierda (Shit)
  • Gilipollas (idiot/dumb ass)
  • ¡Me cago en todo! (I shit on everything)
  • Pendejo (Like cabrón but in mexican style)

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