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Spanish language is booming in Hong Kong

What if we told you …

Chinese, English and Spanish language are the three most commonly spoken languages by native speakers around the world.

Interest in learning Spanish language is rapidly increasing in Hong Kong, one of Asia’s most developed cities.

We provide some information about the development of Spanish learning in Hong Kong.

Hongkongers love learning languages

The official languages in Hong Kong are English and Cantonese. Mandarin has a huge presence as well since there are many people from Mainland China living, working or traveling in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is a super international city. It is one of the most important Asian hubs, with one of the biggest expat communities (9.4% of its population).

It is not weird to listen to 4 or 5 different languages on your average day in the city.

People in Hong Kong love learning Spanish

Most of the people in Hong Kong can speak Cantonese, English and Mandarin.

If you speak English and Chinese, the next language you should learn if you want to travel and communicate with as many people as possible is Spanish. Hongkongers know this, and that is why nowadays Spanish is the top foreign language studied in Hong Kong.

Hongkongers find that Spanish is simple to learn for various reasons:

For starters, if you can speak English, you will find a huge amount of words that are spelled very similar in Spanish. Just a few examples: velocity-velocidad, admire-admirar, calculate-calcular, bank-banco, dance-danza, etc.

On the other hand it is a fairly clear language. Every word in Spanish is pronounced the same way it is spelled. Once you know the few pronunciation rules, it is amazingly easy. You will be able to pronounce any new word you find, even if you do not know its meaning.

The youngest are the future

At The Spanish Academy, we have also seen a significant increasing demand of Spanish Playgroups and Spanish for Kids courses. You can check all our courses for Kids and Teens HERE.

From our experience there are two main reasons for this:

  1. The Parents want their kids to learn a competitive and useful language for their future. This totally make sense if you think about Spanish being the 3rd most important language after English and Chinese, which most of Hong Kong people already master.
  2. Spanish can be a very fun language to learn. Kids do not like memorizing words or doing repetitive exercise. Spanish has a lot of creative and fun resources in order to make the learning process very efficient and enjoyable for the youngest ones. That is why at The Spanish Academy, we always design our curriculums focusing on the motivation of the student.

Who does not like Spanish lifestyle?

Besides being a very useful language around the world, Spanish is also getting more popularity because of the lifestyle.

Hong Kong is experimenting also a boom in Spanish and South American culture such us restaurants, Flamenco schools and shows, Salsa bars, Wine tasting and much more!

Keep posted to see everything related to the Spanish language and culture on our Instagram!

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